Kristi “Cricket” Castro

I love Scentsy products! No, Seriously🙋🏻‍♀️. I have them in my house, my office, I use them in the shower, the tub, in the laundry, kitchen counters and even To clean toilets. My husband was the one who introduced me to this scent-sational world of scents that create memories, take you back to special moments and help create new ones! I instantly was amazed with all the "flavors” (scents) that we're available. There is a scent for everyone in your home, yep even the boys! Scentsy is constantly creating new, beautiful warmers, developing seasonal scents that also follow what is "hot" in the market now, not afterwards trying to keep up. We also over body products, household cleaning products and even laundry products that clean great and smell like your favorite scents for days after they cam out of the dryer. Each line of products are available in many scent options too. I was and am still a customer first of all, and because I do actually love the products this company has to offer-I want others to know about them. The pricing of each product is worth every dollar because the quality of each item is superior to the other products out there. So, are YOU READY to give Scentsy products a try? You have nothing to lose - there are warranties, return options and I would even give you a warmer to borrow so you can experience Scentsy before making an investment🤷🏻‍♀️. So let's get to shopping for your new warmer and scents, body products and so much more. Let's go...❤️